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The risk of getting attacked is always there in online business, this is the reason why all online store owners stay alert and try to add as much security to the store as possible. One such and best security measure is Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker Extension, installing which will automatically block the spammers from doing any damage to your web store.

  • Protects your site from spammers
  • Blocks .ru emails from registering onto your site
  • Allows you to add bot names to the bot list
  • Displays error message for further action
  • Can block spamming functionality wise
  • Restrict spammers for domain name, email, IP-address and length of first name.

With the biginning of 2022, we have released another helpful plugin that is "Aimsinfosoft StopSpamMails".

Basically, this plugin has been developed to prevent your shiny magento store from Spams and Bot Blocker while user registration and newsletter subscription.

Sometimes, Spammers and bots can damage your webstore by bringing down your metrics and reputation. They can manipulate data and lead to get thousands of fake account created to your webstore.

To restrict these Spammers and bots, we have created GUI based restriction facility which intentionally block those spambots.

Key-Features : 

• Restrict spammers domain by domain name
• Displays error message for further action
• Restrict special character in email during sign up and news-letter
• Easy to manage from admin side.

How it works : 

Login Admin >> Stores >> Configuration >> Aims Infosoft >> Stop Spam Mails

Enabled : Yes

Domain names to block : add domain name for block in sign up and
news-letter like,,,.ru (use comma separated
format for add multiple domain )

Restrict special charcter : Select Yes if you wish to restrict special
character ^ , # , ! , ~ etc in email.

Message to display : Enter message to show in front website for further

Click Save Config for save changes.

Screenshot from frontend : 

If you any query or question than please contact us [email protected]

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10 April, 2022
Compatible with Magento 2.3.x & Magento 2.4.x
19 December, 2022
Grouped System Configurations and settings to Vender Tab.

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